UMX/DGN Sacrifice / Treasury Swap

What is the UMX/DGN sacrifice?

All UMX and DGN token holders have the opportunity to "sacrifice" their tokens by sending them to a sacrifice address (listed below) to receive $UWU (UWU Token) in return.
A snapshot will be taken once the sacrifice phase has closed, and after the $UWU token generation event (TGE), you will be able to claim a corresponding amount of $UWU based on a fixed ratio.
The sacrifice phase has now begun and users can sacrifice their UMX/DGN tokens until a short period prior to the TGE.
For the announcement of the sacrifice phase beginning, please see this link:

What is the sacrifice address?

The sacrifice address to send your UMX and DGN tokens to is:

What happens to UMX/DGN tokens that are sacrificed?

All tokens sent to the sacrifice address during the period will be sold via Uniswap and Pancakeswap to raise initial seed capital for the Unlimited Treasury (Unlimited Treasury).
This will extract as much locked liquidity for UMX and DGN as possible, and transfer it to the treasury which is governed entirely by $UWU stakers.

How much $UWU is generated by sacrificing UMX/DGN?

The following ratios have now been fixed for the duration of the sacrifice phase, and will not change regardless of when you sacrifice your tokens.
1 UMX = 0.75 UWU
1 DGN = 2.075 UWU
Please note that UMX/DGN purchased after the start of the sacrifice phase will not be eligible for UWU claims!

Will my $UWU arrive into the same wallet I sacrifice from?

Once the $UWU TGE has occurred, you will need to claim your $UWU from the same wallet address you sacrificed UMX/DGN.
Once live, you will be able to claim by visting

Where can I unstake UMX/DGN I am currently staking?

You can unstake via etherscan/bscscan, should you require further support please join our telegram or discord communities.

Can I currently interact with the $UWU token or $UWU staking?

This is not possible until after the $UWU TGE, however, you can visit the following two website addresses where claiming and staking will become available at that time:

What if I don't want to sacrifice my UMX/DGN tokens?

As the tokens will serve no further purpose in the Unlimited Network ecosystem after the $UWU TGE, it is advised to sell them during the sacrifice period if you do not wish to sacrifice them.
Please note, that if you do not sacrifice your tokens you will not be eligible for UWU claims.