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1. What is Unlimited Leverage?

Unlimited Leverage is our ecosystem's first product, offering on-chain synthetic leverage trading. Users can trade supported tokens with zero price impact, minimal slippage, and up to 100x leverage.

Key advantages include:

  • Zero price impact.

  • Minimal slippage.

  • Isolated positions for the same pairs.

  • Advanced edit capabilities.

  • Tri-pool liquidity model, which isolates risk.

  • Signature based model, that offers a gasless trading experience.

  • Tiered fee structure starting from a 0.1% fixed fee on open/close.

  • Competitive lifetime referral program.

  • White-label.

2. Do I need to complete KYC to use Unlimited Network products?

All you will need to access our products and services is a web3-compatible wallet.

We currently recommend Metamask, which can be enabled as an extension for Chrome or Brave browsers.

3. Where can I buy $UWU?

$UWU is listed on Uniswap V3 and will also be listed on Ramses Exchange along the way.

4. Why do I want to own $UWU?

$UWU is the staking and governance token that powers the Unlimited Network and its ecosystem products. Token stakers can vote on proposals that help shape the ecosystem's future while earning fees from Unlimited Network's products. For more details, see Token Utility.

5. How do I stake $UWU?

Visit staking.unlimited.network to stake your $UWU. For more details, see Staking and Staking FAQ.

6. Are the UN products audited?

Each product in the Unlimited Network will be thoroughly audited before being released into mainnet.

  • Unlimited Leverage received one audit from Peckshield on the 17th of January 2023, and a second audit from Halborn on the 20th of May 2023.

7. Are UN products forks/clones?

Each product released by Unlimited Network is unique and built from scratch. We are not fans of forks, but we value adaptability: this is why we equip our products with a white-label-ready architecture that allows for smooth integrations and even smoother partnerships.

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