Fee Distribution

Staked $UWU earns a 60% share of the protocol fees, increasing to 100% over time as a sufficient treasury base is established.

Unlimited Leverage

  1. Supply: 70% - To facilitate innovation behind the orderbook / gaslesss trading model.

60% - Liquidity Providers

10% - Execution Fund

  1. Protocol: 30% - To facilitate early stage growth in the protocol and encourage a wave of skilled, enthusiastic community contributors to accelerate product iterations and wider ecosystem and community growth.

18% - $UWU stakers

12% - Contributor Fund

Overtime this 12% will be reduced and UWU stakers will receive the full 30% fees that are directed to the protocol.

Unlimited Leverage (White-Label)

For partner projects integrating Unlimited Leverage on their platform as a White-Label product, protocol fees are allocated as following:

9% - $UWU stakers

9% - Partners

12% - Contributor Fund

Unlimited Treasury

100% of yield and investment revenue to $UWU Stakers

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