Staking FAQ

If you have any additional questions after reading the Staking FAQ, please ask in our telegram or discord servers

1. I staked my $UWU before the end of the current Epoch. Now that a new Epoch has started, why can't I see my rewards yet?

• In order to start receiving staking rewards, your $UWU must be staked for an entire epoch. This means that you will start seeing rewards 2 Epochs later than the one you staked in.


Current Epoch: 5 Staking before Epoch 5 ends means that your staked position will activate on Epoch 6. After Epoch 6 ends, Epoch 7 begins and you earn rewards based on Epoch's 6 staking rewards distribution.

• If your staked share is miniscule or the distributed rewards are only few, your epoch's rewards may not appear in the UI as the number is too small ( less than 1 $UWU).


• Current Epoch's protocol fees = $5,000 • 18% of the protocol fees go to Stakers = $900 • You receive $UWU Staking Rewards equivalent to the size of your Staking Pool share, e.g 0.1% = 0.9 $UWU

2. If my lock expires (e.g 30days), do I still earn rewards if I don't withdraw? If yes, with what multiplier?

Once the lock expires, your stake stays active but with 1x multiplier.

3. What's the difference between Request Withdraw and Withdraw?

If you Request Withdraw, you will be able to Withdraw your tokens after the current epoch ends. In order to withdraw a staked position, you first have to Request Withdraw.

4. I started the unstaking process (Request Withdraw) and now my $UWU is available to Withdraw. Do I still get $UWU rewards if I don't withdraw during this epoch?

No. The last rewards you will be receiving for this staking position will be for the epoch where you requested the withdraw in. Your stake then becomes inactive and ready for Withdraw.

5. What happens to an epoch's rewards if they are not claimed/compounded?

Unlcaimed rewards accumulate and you are free to claim or compound them as you see fit.

6. Why can't I see my stake on the Staking Leaderboard?

This is a UI bug that we're working to fix ASAP.

7. Why do I keep getting the Approve button instead of Deposit when I'm trying to stake?

This is a UI bug that we're working to fix ASAP. After approving your $UWU, please wait a few seconds without refreshing. The button should change to Deposit.

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