Public Sale

When is the $UWU Public Sale?

  • This April, we will hold the Public Sale for $UWU on #Camelot Launchpad, running from April 10th to April 13th.

When is the TGE and when does Staking launch?

  • The TGE and Staking portals are planned to launch on April 14th, right after the end of the Public Sale.

When does #UnlimitedLeverage launch?

  • Unlimited Leverage launches on #Arbitrum on April 15th, 24h after TGE.

How will the Public Sale work?

  • A total of 1,750,000 $UWU will be available in a two-staged sale, with a hardcap of 1,470 ETH, FDV of $36.75m (@$1,750 ETH Price), and 100% unlocked on TGE/no vesting.

Funding Distribution

100% of the Public Sale funding will be used to 'back' $UWU.
70% of the funds will be directed to the Unlimited Treasury to bootstrap liquidity for our products, and 30% to provide liquidity on Camelot DEX.